How to recover deleted SMS from Android

In the video I pull database with SMS messages to my laptop and verify it's content using Oxygen Forensic tool. Then, I delete one SMS from my smartphone and pull the database again, to check that message was removed. However, I can still find this SMS message in the block that contains deleted data - even after device is rebooted. Parsing deleted data can be done using forensic tools such as Oxygen Forensic SQLite Database Viewer. It is commercial tool, however it provides 30 day trial version. I tested this method on 3 different Android devices where it worked well, except for Android 10, I couldnt recover full text of deleted message. Android store all messages in database that is stored in internal storage (/data/data/ that is the reason why root is necessary. Requirements ! 1) Rooted Android 2) ADB debugging enabled 3) device authorized by PC 4) Oxygen Forensic SQLite Database Viewer ( Commands !! 1) cp /data/data/ databases/mmssms.db/sdcard/sms.db 2) pull /sdcard/sms.db 3) open database in Oxygen Forensic tool Source-

-dipeshpal, Oct. 20, 2020, 6:41 a.m.

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